New to gardening? FoodShare is now offering workshops

Attention all gardeners (and wannabe gardeners): FoodShare is currently offering organic gardening workshops. Learn everything you need to know from planning out your garden, to sprouting seeds, transplanting, container gardening, composting and more. These workshops are great if you are new to gardening or want to learn more about how to take care of a gardenContinue reading “New to gardening? FoodShare is now offering workshops”

Fresh City Farms – organic food box

Over the holidays, the Good Food Box that I subscribe to just happened to have their delivery days fall on statutory holidays. Which means – no vegetable delivery! It’s too bad they didn’t reschedule their delivery for earlier or later in the week because it left me at a loss as to how I wouldContinue reading “Fresh City Farms – organic food box”

Food Share – The Good Food box

I tried a community shared agriculture (CSA) program in the past but found it to be a little too rigid because I had to sign up for a set amount of time (usually an entire season – however, some CSAs are more flexible). So you can’t believe my surprise when I found out about a fruit andContinue reading “Food Share – The Good Food box”

Community shared agriculture programs

I work with a group of dietitians, so naturally, the subject of food has a tendency to come up. One of my colleagues grew up on a farm and told me about community shared agriculture (CSA) programs. You buy a share which goes towards maintaining and running the farm and in return, you get itemsContinue reading “Community shared agriculture programs”

Strawberries – Local vs. imported vs. organic

A couple of the coworkers in my office made a great suggestion the other week – to do a taste test on local produce vs. imported vs. organic. There are a number of farmer’s markets in Toronto that take place during the summer months plus there is a big push to support locally grown produce.Continue reading “Strawberries – Local vs. imported vs. organic”