How to store and freeze produce

While being in self isolated and staying at home as much as possible, I try to limit my grocery shopping to no more than once a week. This means that I am now buying more than I usually would at one time which requires a bit of planning in terms of how to use thingsContinue reading “How to store and freeze produce”

Grocery deliveries during COVID-19 – FoodShare deliveries

It has been six weeks since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. How the world has changed since then. I realize how many things I took for granted – such as meeting up with friends for coffee or going window shopping. But, I have to say that I have adjusted quite wellContinue reading “Grocery deliveries during COVID-19 – FoodShare deliveries”

Making gnocchi with the Joseph Joseph helix potato ricer

It’s been just over a month since Toronto went on lockdown due to COVID-19 so I’ve been keeping myself busy with projects including a list of recipes that I’ve been wanting to test out. I bought a Joseph Joseph helix potato ricer over a month ago to make gnocchi. I have only made gnocchi onceContinue reading “Making gnocchi with the Joseph Joseph helix potato ricer”

Beyond Burger

Beyond Meat – is it healthy?

There has been a lot of talk about the Beyond Burger lately. It’s a plant-based protein that has been designed to look, feel and taste very similar to beef. I am not a big fan of vegetarian burgers but after seeing the Beyond Burger at A&W, Tim Horton’s, in grocery stores (and on advertisements onContinue reading “Beyond Meat – is it healthy?”

My thoughts on the new Activia Pure yogurt

I have been thinking of purchasing a popular 7-in-1 kitchen appliance that has a yogurt making feature, but now that Activia Pure makes an all natural yogurt, maybe I won’t have to anymore (will save me a lot of time not to mention the cost of ingredients). I was lucky enough to receive coupons from ActiviaContinue reading “My thoughts on the new Activia Pure yogurt”