New to gardening? FoodShare is now offering workshops

Attention all gardeners (and wannabe gardeners): FoodShare is currently offering organic gardening workshops. Learn everything you need to know from planning out your garden, to sprouting seeds, transplanting, container gardening, composting and more. These workshops are great if you are new to gardening or want to learn more about how to take care of a gardenContinue reading “New to gardening? FoodShare is now offering workshops”

FoodShare Organic Gardening Workshops

Gardening is something that doesn’t come naturally to me so it took me three attempts just to get a herb garden to survive on my patio. I plant a herb garden on my balcony every year and love going out and picking up fresh herbs when I’m preparing meals in my kitchen. It ends up beingContinue reading “FoodShare Organic Gardening Workshops”

Cooking with beets – can you cook the stems?

I subscribe to a vegetable delivery program with FoodShare called the Good Food Box and received some great looking beets from Riga Farms. I love beets. I know that they can be messy to prepare and stain your hands and cutting board but I love the earthy, sweet taste and firm texture. I prepare beetsContinue reading “Cooking with beets – can you cook the stems?”

Food Share – The Good Food box

I tried a community shared agriculture (CSA) program in the past but found it to be a little too rigid because I had to sign up for a set amount of time (usually an entire season – however, some CSAs are more flexible). So you can’t believe my surprise when I found out about a fruit andContinue reading “Food Share – The Good Food box”