Black bean flour brownies

I was talking with some coworkers the other day and someone started talking about black bean flour and how it’s supposed to be a healthy gluten free alternative. She reads a number of food/nutrition blogs and it sounds like it’s becoming pretty popular so I figured it would be worth looking into. Black bean flourContinue reading “Black bean flour brownies”

Catelli Gluten Free Pasta

Remember when you had to go to specialty food shops to find gluten free pasta? With more and more people having gluten sensitivity, gluten free products have now hit the mainstream. There are more gluten free products available in major grocery stores than every before – including gluten free pasta. There are many different typesContinue reading “Catelli Gluten Free Pasta”

Is there such a thing as gluten free chocolate?

I was in one of my favourite chocolate shops when I heard a customer ask “Do you sell gluten free chocolate?” My ears immediately perked up and I tried to nonchalantly see what the person behind the counter would do. She started pointing out a number of chocolates behind the counter that were ‘gluten free’.Continue reading “Is there such a thing as gluten free chocolate?”