French fry taste test: Part 2

When I told my coworkers about the results of a French fry taste test I had done and my disappointment with frozen McCain Superfries a couple of them spoke up and said “There is actually a certain brand that I think is really good – Cavendish Farms”. Since I always try to see if there is aContinue reading “French fry taste test: Part 2”

French fries: Deep fried vs. baked

Last month, I decided to have a ‘poutine party’. Well, it was really an Oscar party where one of the items on the menu was poutine so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make poutine while watching the Oscars. I love having parties like this because I find that the environmentContinue reading “French fries: Deep fried vs. baked”

Guest blogger: Tressa’s take on Burger King Gratifries

I have the pleasure of introducing a guest blogger and fellow nutrition professional today – Tressa Alleyne. Tressa is a graduate from the Nutrition and Food program at Ryerson University and is currently applying to do a Master of Health Science in Nutrition Communications. She has experience working as a dietitian’s assistant, nutrition associate at theContinue reading “Guest blogger: Tressa’s take on Burger King Gratifries”