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granola parfait

Homemade Granola | Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

LisaMay 17, 20223 min read

This recipe for homemade granola is one that I am particularly proud of. It took me a long time to get around to making homemade granola because it seems so…

Cinnamon donuts

Cinnamon donuts

LisaMay 17, 20223 min read

Donuts are a common request I get when I teach kids cooking classes. Who doesn’t love donuts? The challenging thing for me is while teaching virtual cooking classes I don’t…

apple galette with ice cream

Apple galette

LisaMar 20, 20223 min read

Last week was Pi day. Pi day is March 14 – an easy way to remember this is that March 14 can also be written as 3.14 which are the…

mac and cheese

Real Macaroni and Cheese

LisaFeb 27, 20224 min read

Like most kids, I grew up on the macaronic and cheese that you find in a blue box. It wasn’t until I was well in my late teens/adult years that…