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Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kits

You may have noticed the variety of canned tuna products that are now available in grocery stores but have you ever tried Clover Leaf tuna salad kits? As dietitians, we are always trying to encourage people to eat fish twice a week according to Health Canada guidelines. However, I know that people can be intimidatedContinue reading “Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kits”

Fish and mercury – Is there a place for canned tuna?

Whenever I tell people to eat more fish for the health benefits (omega 3’s, lean protein) the topic of mercury tends to come up. Questions such as “But if I eat more fish, will I be eating too much mercury?” and “Which fish contain a lot of mercury?” are often asked. In general, the largerContinue reading “Fish and mercury – Is there a place for canned tuna?”