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You may have noticed the variety of canned tuna products that are now available in grocery stores but have you ever tried Clover Leaf tuna salad kits?

As dietitians, we are always trying to encourage people to eat fish twice a week according to Health Canada guidelines. However, I know that people can be intimidated to cook fish, or they don’t like the smell or it’s one of those foods that does not do well as leftovers.

I have to admit, I’ve seen the small tins of flavoured Clover Leaf tuna salad in the grocery store for quite some time but never had the desire to pick one up. They are smaller in size and more expensive than the plain flake light tuna that I usually buy. However, when I received one in a post-race kit from an event I attended, I was quite impressed. The Clover Leaf tuna salad kit comes with a small tin of tuna salad, a pack of crackers, a small spoon and a napkin. But the lid (which I didn’t realize before) is a thin piece of foil which is easy to peel off (and has no sharp edges) which makes it a great option for picnics or to pack in a lunchbox.

I also recently attended a nutrition conference that stressed the importance of including protein at meals and snacks. The fact that the canned tuna salad doesn’t have to be kept refrigerated before opening makes it a safe source of protein to pack on the go.

Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kits can be found in most major grocery stores and cost around $2.49. They come in a wide variety of flavours. For people, who find fish intimating or too challenging to cook, this can be is a great first step. Quick, easy and convenient, it might just open the door to other ways of adding more fish and seafood into their diet. It has just the right amount to use in a sandwich, on top of a salad or with a small pack of crackers.

I still can’t believe that this product was right under my nose the entire time and I never gave it a chance. When I want to branch out from my usual plain flaked light tuna routine, I’ll pick up a couple of these to keep in my pantry (they often go on sale).

Now I know that the topic of mercury in fish is bound to come up (especially with canned tuna because it’s something that people eat quite often). In fact, I wrote an article about mercury in canned tuna. The Clover Leaf website also has a resource for dietitians called Seafood for Life – Understanding the benefits for optimal health that offers some great insight.

But nevertheless, I was still so impressed with this product that I asked Clover Leaf to provide me with samples that I could send out to my product review club. I’m curious to see what other people think of them.

Interested members had the opportunity to review Clover Leaf – Lemon & Pepper tuna salad kits. Check out what they thought in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kits

  1. I tried the Clover Leaf’s flavoured canned tuna products before: spicy thai chilli, lemon and pepper, and dill and lemon. This was the first time trying their tuna salad kit but at a $1.49 more than the price of the individual can (roughly $1), I don’t think it’s worth it. However, I enjoy the flavours of the individual cans and I think that the creative flavours and convenience of the packaging make it easy for people to incorporate more fish and lean protein into their diet especially for students or anyone with a busy routine.

    Since I already consume the individual cans frequently, I would rather continue using them over the kit and would probably recommend just buying a pack of crackers along with the individual can and carry some in a ziplock bag to replace the ones in the kit (much cheaper in the long run). Overall, I think the product is a good source of fish protein that can be used in a variety of recipes. When I ate it with the crackers, it was still pretty filling for just a snack and tasty, so I found it be a good post-workout snack.

    I would rate this product a 4.5 for the taste, convenience, and effect on satiety but the sodium seemed a little high, which is to be expected of a canned product, I guess.

  2. Thank you for letting me try this product. I have seen the small tins of flavoured tuna in the grocery store but never knew that they came packaged as a tuna salad kit. I have to admit that I have a tendency to buy plain tuna (because it’s cheaper) but was curious to try this out. First of all, the packaging is so cute in that in comes with a pack of crackers, a small spoon and a napkin. How cute is that? Second, I didn’t realize that these small tins of flavoured tuna have a peel off lid (i.e. no sharp edges) which makes it perfect to pack as a snack or for picnics.

    I have to admit that I wasn’t a big fan of the crackers that it came with as I found them a little too rich. I would probably buy the flavoured tuna and just pack my own crackers rather than the tuna salad kit. But I can’t believe that these flavoured tuna tins have been under my nose the entire time and I never stopped to give them a chance. Now that I realize that they come in such easy packaging, I’ll keep some on hand when I want to add some tuna to a salad or on days when I don’t have time to pack my lunch – I’ll just pack some bread/crackers, tuna and a piece of fruit and I’m good to go.

    I’ll probably only buy the flavoured tuna salad tins when they go on sale because they can be more expensive compared to their plain tuna counterparts. But it’ll be a nice option to change things up and for a quick, easy and portable snack idea.

  3. First off, I think the tuna salad kit is a fantastic addition to this ongoing trend of healthier “snacking.” It provides a whooping 17g of protein which is far more than 1 granola bar, 1 small container of greek yogurt or even an individual container of cottage cheese! What’s excites me is the ratio between the grams of carbs:protein, which is almost 1:1. This product definitely proved to be a satisfying snack for me. I ate it mid-afternoon and it kept me full until dinner time.

    I must add that I was a little disappointed by the flavour profile, as the tuna lacked a *zing.* The amount of black pepper was just right, but the tuna mixture could have benefited from some dehydrated parsley or chive flakes (added colour appeal) and definitely some lemon zest or extra lemon flavour, as the amount of acidity was OK but it lacked that lemony taste which I was anticipating for. As for the crackers, I would prefer one that was less buttery and more crispy such as those thin flatbread crackers.

    Now, let’s just take a quick look at the added cost for convenience:
    $2.49 / tuna salad kit (85g tuna)
    $1.99 / flavoured tuna can (85g tuna)
    =$0.50 for 6 mini crackers + napkin and cute plastic spoon

    Bottom-line: The line-up of Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kits proves to be a great addition to the snacking category for those who are on-the-go; need a quick and easy pick-me up; or perhaps for those times when you just forgot to pack a healthy snack but was clever enough to store some for emergencies as they are shelf-stable! (True story, I had a tuna salad kit in my cupboard which saved me during last summer’s power outage!) For those who are foodie at heart, I would say, go for the “plain” canned tuna and flavour it up!

  4. This was my first time trying any sort of tuna snack kit or flavoured tuna for that matter. I tried the lemon pepper snack kit and was really surprised at the flavour as it was a lot more lemony than anticipated. I really wanted the spiciness that the black pepper should have provided, but I felt it lacking. That being said, I really did enjoy the flavour of the tuna, but I’m not sure if flavoured tuna is for me.

    I feel the convenience of the packaging would make it easier for people to accommodate more fish into their diet. Let’s face it, some people might begrudgingly pack their own tuna, crackers, and napkins but this product makes it so easy for them. It’s a neat little snack idea created to help individuals get more protein into their diet, and this snack beats anything high calorie or sugary any day. However, the price point is the main issue at hand, for me. I never purchased a tuna snack kit before because they tend to be pricy. Besides, I wouldn’t pay for 6 crackers and a napkin & spoon. To me, that’s not worth the price. But, for someone who is extremely lazy, or on the flip side someone who is extremely busy, this might not be a bad product for them.

    I would probably not use this product again because, to me, it’s not worth the money for what you get. But, if you enjoy flavoured tuna, I suggest that you buy just the individual Clover Leaf lemon pepper tuna, or even buy plain tuna and put your own flavouring in it. This snack can be promoted as healthy snack and a great alternative for someone who wants to have more fish/protein in their diet. Perhaps the buttery crackers could be replaced with whole wheat/multigrain to give it that extra healthful punch.

    I would rate this product probably a 4 outta 5 based purely on taste and convenience. I would have given it a higher rating, but the price is a hindrance for me.

  5. Thank you very much for providing me with the opportunity to try the tuna salad kits. I have bought the flavoured tuna cans before but have never tried the kits. It seems like a good idea because people are busy and would like the convenience of the kit. It’s also nice to have more healthy snack options on the market.

    I didn’t really like the flavour of the tuna might be a bit too lemony for me. I like some of the other flavours that are available much better. I really like the easy peel lid and the packaging is really nice. I think that these kits are good for people who are busy and need a quick and healthy snack. I don’t think that I would buy the kits because they are too expensive and I don’t like flavoured tuna enough to spend the money on it but I can see how the kits would appeal to others.

  6. I have tried the flavoured small cans of tuna before, but never this flavour or in this kit. I must say I like the idea overall and it is a much healthier snacking option packed with protein! It definitely is a convenient and accessible for some people to add fish and lean protein to their diets and it’s a good option to have on hand in “emergencies”.
    I would prefer a different flavour such as plain, tuna salad or sweet chili but I thought it was okay flavour-wise.
    The main thing I think could be improved from a nutrition perspective is the crackers. I would prefer a whole grain option.

  7. Overall, my favourite things about the tuna kits are that they are portion controlled, very portable and a healthier alternative to other types of grab-and-go foods. However, they do have a lot of packaging (but not unlike other pre-packaged foods). The flavour I tried was Lemon and Pepper. It is not my favourite flavour, however, I did like the crackers. They were creamy tasting and went well with the tuna, however, I would have liked a few more in the package.

    The tuna kits definitely make it easy to incorporate more tuna (and protein) into your diet and as mentioned, are likely a healthier option than other snacks. I would not eat the tuna kits again, but often purchase the individual cans that Clover Leaf make. I don’t think it’s worth the extra price for the crackers especially since i can purchase them separately. I would recommend just the individual tunas.

    Overall, I rate it a 4 especially for the portion control and protein. Flavour wise, I prefer the others, but that is just a personal preference. Was a pleasure to try it!

  8. Thanks for the opportunity to try this product. I’ve tried the flavoured canned tuna before but it was the first time I tried the tuna salad kit. I really liked the product and I thought it was very convenient. I had the kit for lunch and completed by meal with a salad and cheese.

    Although I liked the product, it’s probably not something I would buy on a regular basis because I can just prepare my own home-made kit and it would probably be cheaper.

  9. I’m very familiar with the flavoured Clover Leaf tunas… as in I’ve tried them all! I think the tuna is great. But my issue was the Ritz-like buttery crackers it comes with. I think the texture and flavour clashes with the savory tuna. I would much prefer if the cracker were of a hearty whole grain type. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish the crackers with the tuna. I ate the rest with cheddar cheese! Again, this is just a personal preference. Overall, the convenience of this snack pack is pretty awesome for those struggling with snacks on the go, though the crackers should really offer some fibre if we’re going to call this a healthy snack. For myself, I’d much rather buy the tuna on its own and enjoy it with my own crackers.

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