Muffin recipe: Chia seeds as an egg substitute

To kick off the chia seed campaign that is currently going on I decided to use chia seeds as an egg replacement when baking muffins. I heard they can be used instead of eggs to act as a binder (to keep things from crumbling apart) but not as a leavener (they won’t make things rise)Continue reading “Muffin recipe: Chia seeds as an egg substitute”

Sugar vs. Sweetener…again – Blueberry muffins (Part 2)

Okay, I’ll admit it. I have extra sweetener sitting in my cupboards that I feel inclined to use up. I hate throwing away ingredients! So I figured I would do another sugar vs.sweetener taste test and again, bake blueberry muffins but turn the tables. I’m going to use a recipe that was developed with sugarContinue reading “Sugar vs. Sweetener…again – Blueberry muffins (Part 2)”

blueberry muffins eaten

Food Lab: Blueberry muffins (sugar vs. sweetener)

This experiment involved following a recipe for blueberry muffins. I decided to give the sweeteners a fair shot and decided to use a recipe for blueberry muffins that was on the back of the box. For this experiment, I made one batch of muffins with sugar, one batch with Splenda and one batch with Equal. I’m curiousContinue reading “Food Lab: Blueberry muffins (sugar vs. sweetener)”

Sugar vs. Sweetener – Blueberry muffins

The sugar vs. sweetener debate continues. In a previous taste test, we tested out two artificial sweeteners – Splenda (sucralose) and Equal (aspartame) to see how they performed against sugar. We did the ultimate test which was to test these ingredients out on sugar cookies which I have to admit, was quite unforgiving. The biggestContinue reading “Sugar vs. Sweetener – Blueberry muffins”