Sugar vs. Sweetener…again – Blueberry muffins (Part 2)

Okay, I’ll admit it. I have extra sweetener sitting in my cupboards that I feel inclined to use up. I hate throwing away ingredients! So I figured I would do another sugar vs.sweetener taste test and again, bake blueberry muffins but turn the tables. I’m going to use a recipe that was developed with sugarContinue reading “Sugar vs. Sweetener…again – Blueberry muffins (Part 2)”

blueberry muffins eaten

Food Lab: Blueberry muffins (sugar vs. sweetener)

This experiment involved following a recipe for blueberry muffins. I decided to give the sweeteners a fair shot and decided to use a recipe for blueberry muffins that was on the back of the box. For this experiment, I made one batch of muffins with sugar, one batch with Splenda and one batch with Equal. I’m curiousContinue reading “Food Lab: Blueberry muffins (sugar vs. sweetener)”

Sugar vs. Sweetener – Blueberry muffins

The sugar vs. sweetener debate continues. In a previous taste test, we tested out two artificial sweeteners – Splenda (sucralose) and Equal (aspartame) to see how they performed against sugar. We did the ultimate test which was to test these ingredients out on sugar cookies which I have to admit, was quite unforgiving. The biggestContinue reading “Sugar vs. Sweetener – Blueberry muffins”

Sugar vs. Sweetener – Would a sugar cookie by any other name taste as sweet?

Most of us have had the classic sugar cookie – whether it’s during the holidays or if we just want a fun cookie to cut out into shapes and decorate. However, would sugar cookies made with sugar substitutes instead of actual sugar taste as sweet? We’re about to find out. We used a classic sugarContinue reading “Sugar vs. Sweetener – Would a sugar cookie by any other name taste as sweet?”

Artificial sweeteners: Are they all created equal?

One of the baking experiments I have always wanted to do is to substitute artificial sweetener for sugar and see if how it affects the end product in baking. However, before going ahead with the baking experiment, I wanted to taste test each type of sweetener on its own. It will be interesting to seeContinue reading “Artificial sweeteners: Are they all created equal?”