The John Street farmer’s market

One of the things that I’m starting to notice are farmer’s markets that are open in the afternoon (from 3:30-7pm). What a great option to be able to visit a farmer’s market on the way home from work. An example of such a market is the John Street Farmers’ Market. It’s a market that IContinue reading “The John Street farmer’s market”

The Nathan Phillips Square farmer’s market

This morning, I woke up early to visit the farmer’s market at Nathan Phillips Square (aka Toronto City Hall) for my search for Ontario heirloom cherry tomatoes. This is one of the bigger farmer’s markets in the downtown core and consists of 20 stalls with people selling flowers, honey, bread, beef jerky and all sortsContinue reading “The Nathan Phillips Square farmer’s market”

Ontario heirloom cherry tomatoes

Although it hasn’t really felt like summer out her in Toronto this year, there is one thing always marks the summer season – farmer’s markets. It’s hard to believe that there is only a couple more months that these markets will be around as most of them pack it in when fall rolls around. IContinue reading “Ontario heirloom cherry tomatoes”