Butter versus margarine – which one is better?

For as long as I’ve been a dietitian, this debate is still going on. There always seems to be a different spin each time. Butter is saturated but margarine isn’t. Butter is ‘natural’ but margarine is manufactured. And don’t get me started on the whole hydrogenated vs. non-hydrogenated issue. Serious bakers and chefs swear byContinue reading “Butter versus margarine – which one is better?”

Food Lab: Shortbread cookies (butter vs. margarine)

The following is a comparison of the  observations I experienced when making cookies for a butter vs. margarine shortbread taste test. I used butter, Becel Omega-3 Plus and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (a margarine with butter flavouring). Here is the recipe and the differences I noticed as I was preparing each batch. Ingredients: 2Continue reading “Food Lab: Shortbread cookies (butter vs. margarine)”

Butter versus margarine: Shortbread cookies

With last week’s results from the butter vs. margarine: oatmeal chocolate chip cookie taste test, I decided to take the butter vs. margarine debate one step further. I would choose a cookie where there would be less flavours interfering with the buttery taste. What better cookie to choose than shortbread? I suspect that this cookie willContinue reading “Butter versus margarine: Shortbread cookies”