Buffalo vs cow’s milk taste taste

Every week or so, I set up a taste test with my fellow dietitians and foodies to learn something new about various foods/ingredients. This week’s topic was fresh mozzarella. In a previous blog post, I wrote about the different types of fresh mozzarella cheese that are available (mozzarella di bufala, fior di latte, bocconcini andContinue reading “Buffalo vs cow’s milk taste taste”

Is buffalo mozzarella the same thing as bocconcini?

For the longest time I thought that buffalo mozzarella and bocconcini were the same thing (just different sizes) but that’s not the case. They are actually two very different things. Why all the confusion? Buffalo mozzarella and bocconcini originated from Italy and were once only made from the milk of domestic water buffaloes. However, nowadaysContinue reading “Is buffalo mozzarella the same thing as bocconcini?”