The barbecue sauce cook off

My Nordstrom Friends and Family Cookbook has a recipe for homemade barbecue sauce. I have to admit that I was intrigued by the description. It says ‘I’m going to do a little boasting here. I’ve spent a lot of time around grills, and I have yet to find a sauce, prepared or homemade, that beatsContinue reading “The barbecue sauce cook off”

Food lab: Homemade barbecue sauce

I have been meaning to make homemade barbecue sauce ever since I made Southern style pulled pork where the accompanying barbecue sauce was Carolina style which is apple cider vinegar based (and not the sweet, tomato based barbecue sauce that I’m used to). I just happen to have a recipe for homemade barbecue sauce inContinue reading “Food lab: Homemade barbecue sauce”