Celebrating the 2016 International Year of Pulses – Cooking with lentils workshop

Today I had the great fortune to attend the Hands-On Cooking Workshop with Canadian Lentils. I have been going this dietitian invite-only event for the past two years and every year I learn something new. This year, Chef Christine Farkas, Manager, Food Product & Culinary Innovation from Pulse Canada and Gloria Tsang, Vancouver-based dietitian and founder of HealthCastle.com were back in the kitchen demonstrating lentil recipes that we would later have the opportunity to make ourselves.

The event started with a refreshing green lentil power smoothie made with apple, kale, cucumber, green lentils and kefir. I never would have thought to include lentils in a smoothie but they pureed nicely. This is a great way to add some extra protein in the morning (and is a good alternative to using soft tofu which is also commonly used).

Chef Christine demonstrated a delicious lentil baked eggs recipe with peppers and tomatoes which would be appropriate to serve for brunch on the weekend or dinner.

Steps to making the baked eggs with peppers and tomatoes. Hearty enough to be served for dinner.

We also made a sweet treat using lentils – coconut banana lentil bites. These are the perfect snack if you are craving something sweet (or a great portable snack to bring on your workouts). I wasn’t sure if I would like them since my usual workout snack are the ever so popular dark chocolate and cherry energy bites that my workout buddies all seem to make.

Lentil coconut energy bites
Lentil coconut energy bites rolled in cocoa powder. Look a bit like truffles!

However, I have to admit, that these tasted as good as the dark chocolate and cherry energy bites that I usually make (and are even cheaper to make since lentils and bananas are the main ingredients versus nuts and dried fruit which can be pricey). I will definitely be making them again. Mind you, you have to like coconut.

I really enjoy this event each year. Not only does it inspire me to step out of my comfort zone and try new recipes, but it’s also a great way to catch up with many of my colleagues that I don’t get to see that often.

group of dietitians
It’s always a fun time in the kitchen with these media guru dietitians around.

Everyone walked away with a lentils cookbook, apron, recipe cards and a magazine full of recipes using lentils. I can’t wait to try out some of these recipes! For more lentil recipes, check out the Canadian Lentils website.

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