There is no such thing as two minute risotto

Mushroom risotto is an item that’s been on my ‘taste test list’ for awhile. Intrigued by all the ‘just add water’ risotto mixes that are available on grocery store shelves, I wondered if it’s really that much easier than making risotto from scratch. Risotto is actually not that difficult to make, but it does requiredContinue reading “There is no such thing as two minute risotto”

Cook-off: Mushroom risotto

This taste test involved preparing three types of mushroom risotto using three different methods: From scratch, from a package over stove top and instant using a microwave. We also tried making a ‘lower fat’ version (using margarine instead of butter and chicken stock instead of wine).  Mushroom risotto (cooked from scratch) by Lucy Waverman –Continue reading “Cook-off: Mushroom risotto”