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Ever since going to culinary school I constantly hear “Use the best ingredients you can’. This also applies to yogurt. One day, I heard one of the chef school teachers (who is from France) remark about the yogurt he sees in the grocery stores in Canada. He says that there is so much stuff added to them that you would not be able to market them as yogurt in France. In fact, many of them would be called a dessert!

But lo and behold – Activia has come out with a new line of yogurt that has a simplified, all natural ingredient list – Activia Pure. Perhaps this is more along the lines of what yogurt in France is like.


Looking at the ingredient list, the name Pure really does deliver.

Skim milk, cream, skim milk powder, active probiotic culture (Bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-2494) and active bacterial cultures.

The Activia Pure Sweetened variety has a similar simplified ingredient list but has the addition of cane sugar for people who prefer a sweeter taste.

Skim milk, cream, skim milk powder, cane sugar, water, locust bean gum, active probiotic culture (Bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-2494) and active bacterial cultures, lemon juice concentrate.

Compared that to some other yogurts that are out there:

Skim milk, cream, sugar, water, fructose, modified corn starch, skim milk powder, gelatin, natural flavour, sodium citrate, natural colour, active probiotic culture (Bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-2494) and active bacterial cultures, locust bean gum, vitamin D3, malic acid.

Activia Pure is available in both Plain or Plain Sweetened flavours. Both flavours are sold as a pack of 8 x 100g or a large 650g container and are available at major grocery stores across Canada for approximately $5.59 and $4.19 respectively.

The folks at Activia were kind enough to send out complimentary “Try Activia Pure for Free” coupons to my reviewers. Check out the comments to see what they thought of Activia Pure.

Have you tried Activia Pure? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Activia Pure Yogurt

  1. I redeemed my activia pure yogurt coupon as soon as I got it. I already love all activia products and buy them regularly. Activia pure tasted creamy and delicious. The texture was smooth. I would definitely buy it again as it has natural ingredients and the B.L. Regularis probiotic really helps me with my stomach issues. I suffer from IBS and I don’t like taking pills so I like to get my probiotic in natural food choices. I will definitely recommend this to my friends as it’s a healthy and natural choice. I give it 5 out of 5!

  2. Great yogurt option. Got a coupon for a sample product and it took me a little bit to find a store that actually carries Activia Pure – but I did find it! I got the non-sweetened option as I prefer unsweetened yogurts and at this time I am also introducing my youngest baby to solids and I am trying to get her started as healthy as possible, and this yogurt seemed like a good addition to the full fat greek yogurt she already tried and loved.
    This yogurt is nicely creamy and the taste is nice and rich. I like that it only contains milk, cream and skim milk powder and the probiotic cultures and nothing else, no sweeteners and such.
    My older kiddo loves fruit yogurt so I added some frozen berries in hers and she happily stuffed her face 🙂
    I will definitely be buying again.

  3. I couldn’t find the Activia Pure Plain at the store so I grabbed the Plain Sweetened version. Definitely love, love the silky texture! Because of the sweet taste, there’s no need to add anything else to the yogurt to help enhance the flavor. It’s already delicious the way it is. I normally purchase the “Greek” version of yogurt but after trying the Activia Pure yogurt, I think I will purchase this product again although I prefer to buy the unsweetened version. Would I recommend this product to others? Yes, especially because the product has a shorter, more “pure” ingredient list compared to many other yogurts in the store 🙂

  4. I got plain one because that’s what I usually eat. (And because I was feeling guilty for eating some Halloween candies left over.. :P)
    It was creamy and smooth, and I find that it’s runnier type of yogurt. There was a layer of thicker texture on the top in every one of them. To be honest, I would prefer the thicker part texture better, but smooth thinner texture was still likable for me. Our kids (8 years old and 5 years old) tried with a drizzle of maple syrup, and they liked it too.

    We usually make our yogurt from milk, but I would buy this when home-made yogurt is not ready yet. Probiotic culture is not added to yogurt at home, so this is something beneficial for us too. I can trust this product as it’s made of recognizable ingredients and no weird things are added.

    I can recommend this to friends with confidence because it’s just simply real (probiotic) yogurt!

  5. I bought the Pure Plain Sweetened version as that’s all my grocery store (No Frills) carried. To be honest, I typically buy Skyr or Greek yogurt, so this yogurt felt incredibly watery to me. I have bought other flavoured Activia yogurts in the past, but they had a thicker texture than this. This one was very watery, so it took me completely off guard. The taste was fine (tasted like how a vanilla yogurt tastes) and I can see how if you like a creamy yogurt, you would enjoy this. I would still recommend it to people because I can see how the “pure” ingredient aspect is appealing, but I would suggested finding an unsweetened version. Personally, I wouldn’t buy it again.

  6. I recently had the opportunity to try Activia Pure, thanks to the free product coupon I received. I purchased the 650g container of the plain flavor. I’ve purchased other flavored Activia yogurts in the past and was glad to see Activia Pure had the same creamy texture I love. It’s not too thick or too thin but just the right consistency. As for the flavor, I found this to be less tangy than other plain yogurts I’ve tasted. It’s very natural and contains only milk ingredients and the probiotics Activia is known for, no sugar added. I did sweeten it on my own with a touch of honey and it was great. I also used it in other recipes like pasta salad and baking and they all turned out delicious. Now that I’ve tasted how pure and simple Activia Pure tasted, I don’t know if I could go back to eating the flavored yogurts. This just tasted healthier and pure, just like the name suggests. I will definitely purchase this in the future and make it part of a clean, healthy diet.

  7. I received the coupon for Activia Pure and had no problem finding it in my local area.
    I chose to purchase the Plain Sweetened variety. The yogurt tasted pleasantly sweet but was not overly sweet for me. If customers find it too sweet, they could easily blend it with Activia Pure plain. Activia Pure was super creamy compared to other yogurts I tend to eat, which I found to be delicious.
    I would definitely choose to purchase this product again due to the all-natural and limited ingredient list as well as the lack of artificial colors or flavors. I would also recommend it to clients who were looking for a product with these qualities as well.
    My overall thoughts on this product from a health standpoint are that it is a great product for people looking for a non-Greek yogurt with all-natural ingredients. I like the fact that people can flavor their yogurt with their own fruit flavorings, should they chose to do so instead of eating the product as-is. I also like that the nutrient profile is better than the regular Activia plain sweetened as Activia Pure plain sweetened has less sugar and more protein.

  8. I found the yoghurt (Plain Sweetened) to be very tasty, with a bland but still pleasant taste. It was very smooth and light, and had almost no scent of any kind. It was sweeter than I had expected, but still similar to the level of sweetness you would find in flavoured yoghurts by Activia.

    I would buy this product again if I saw it at the store, though the price would be a factor. If it were on sale I would buy it again, but at full price I would probably not.

    From a healthy eating standpoint, this yoghurt is not something I would consider to be bad for someone’s diet, but it’s also not particularly good either. A ¾ cup serving has 160 calories, 14g of sugar, and a small amount of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B2 and B12. The sugar itself is not particularly high, but a ¾ cup portion is not very filling, making this nutritionally a poor choice for breakfast but fine for snacks or as a dessert.

    I like to eat it in a very small snack bowl, so I think it’s great and could even work for a diabetic as long as you portion control well!

  9. I had no trouble finding @DanoneCanada Activia Pure Yogurt. I loved the smooth texture of this yogurt. Not only does it taste great on it’s own. I used it to make yummy, healthy smoothies and I also incorporated it in many of my recipes like vegetable dips. It was also thick, rich and a very satisfying snack. I also topped it with my favorite fruit and granola for a nutritious lunch which helped keep me full and energized to complete my work day. My family also loved this yogurt. I will definitely buy and recommend this Activia Pure Yogurt. Great way to get my daily protein and eat more healthy. Thank You @confessionsofadietitian and @DanoneCanada for giving me a coupon to help myself and my family enjoy and eat more heathier choice yogurt.

  10. I had planned on trying the Activia Pure Unsweetened, but somehow I picked up the sweetened variety – perhaps that was all my store had (or I just wasn’t paying attention enough). I think the sweetened was quite nice – not overly sweet like some sweetened yogurts. I enjoyed mine as a snack with fruit (like raspberries and pomegranate seeds). The consistency wasn’t my favourite – I prefer a much thicker yogurt like Greek style yogurt – but if you like a more “standard” yogurt consistency, then this would be completely acceptable.

    I would consider recommending the sweetened version for people who do enjoy a pre-sweetened yogurt, but it wouldn’t necessarily be my go to choice for myself. It also doesn’t seem to be available in all stores just yet, so if you live in rural areas, this might not be an option.

    Thanks for the opportunity to try out Activia Pure!

  11. I got to review this product and it is so good. I got to try the fruit and cereal line and it was so delicious. I love the chewiness of the added cereal, it gives it something different to set apart from other yogurt brands. I also got to try the blood orange and grapefruit yogurt. So yummy. Definitely would buy.

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