OIKOS SuperGrains Greek Yogurt

I have recently seeing more and more yogurts with seeds and fruit added to them. I usually try to make my own muesli but have to admit that there are some mornings where I’m just not organized enough or have enough time.

I’m seeing more and more yogurts that have seeds and fruit mixed in with them and think it’s a great alternative for those mornings when you are short on time.

I was given samples of OIKOS SuperGrains Greek yogurt to try. I love Greek yogurt, I love seeds and grains mixed in with my yogurt so this seems like a great combination of all those things.

We sent out samples of OIKOS SuperGrains Greek yogurt to 20 members of the product review club to try. Check out what they thought in the comments below.

Have you tried OIKOS SuperGrains Greek yogurt? What did you think of it?

16 thoughts on “OIKOS SuperGrains Greek Yogurt

  1. I recently received a sample of Oikos Super Grains Greek Yogurt in Mixed Berries + Grains flavor

    1. What does the product taste like? What is the texture like?
    The product tasted similar to other Oikos Greek yogurts I have tried (i.e. fruit or vanilla flavored 0%M.F. or 2%M.F. Greek yogurt). I did not find there to be a lot of texture in this product, which for me was a bit disappointing as I like to have the crunch of nuts/seeds in my yogurt.
    2. Would you buy it?
    Personally I don’t see myself purchasing this product as I prefer to buy plain Greek yogurt and mix in a little flavored Greek yogurt because I find the fruit flavored yogurts to be too sweet. I would also prefer to add my own nuts/seeds in order for them to remain crunchy.
    3. Would you recommend it to people?
    I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product to people but I wouldn’t advise them against buying it either. I think for the price point, people will get just as much benefit from purchasing regular Greek yogurt and adding their own items to it. I found the sugar content to be high, but not any higher than regular flavored Greek yogurt (between 9-12grams sugar/100grams). As well, the protein content was not any higher than the regular Oikos yogurts (i.e. 8 grams) and the 1 gram of fiber was not significant enough for me to result in me recommending it to clients.
    4. What are your overall thoughts about the product from a healthy eating standpoint?
    I think this product can be part of a healthy eating plan. I would suggest anyone purchasing this product to mix in plain Greek yogurt and add additional nuts/seeds as desired for a higher protein, lower sugar, higher fiber option.
    5. How would you rate this product overall (out of 5 stars)?
    I would give this product 3/5 stars.

  2. I was so excited that I was chosen to try and review NEW @OIKOS (Super Grains Greek Yogurt) I was given a generous 4 pack sample This yogurt is so thick, creamy, lots of fruit and a has healthy blend of grains like quinoa, buckwheat and chia seeds. I found the texture of this yogurt was so delicious & and so satisfying. I also liked the fact that it is healthy and only 90 calories. I would definitely buy this @OIKOS (Super Grains Greek Yogurt again and again. It is great for a quick breakfast. to take for my lunch for work and when I just want a nutritious snack any time of the day or evening. I recommend to my family, friends, co-workers and anyone that reads all the yummy reviews to try this yogurt. You will be so glad you did.Thanks @DanoneCanada @confessionsofadietitian.com You Really Have To Try This NEW @OIKOS (Super Grains Greek Yogurt)

  3. What does the product taste like? What is the texture like?
    The consistency is thick and smooth. I tried the mixed berries flavor and I totally loved it.

    Would you buy it?
    It is a good source of probiotics and also contains quinoa, chia seed and buckwheat.

    Would you recommend it to people?
    Yes, I would recommend it to people because only have 90 calories per 100gr and 8 gr of protein which it is excellent for a snack or when you want something sweet.

    What are your overall thoughts about the product from a healthy eating standpoint?
    The sugar content is a bit high (9 gr per 100gr), ideally should be less than 5gr.
    The saturated fat is 2%, I would recommend a version with 0%.
    The ingredients should be printed in the label.

    How would you rate this product overall (out of 5 stars)?
    I would give 4 of 5 stars.

  4. I was lucky enough to have been chosen to test out the Oikos SuperGrains Greek Yogourt in the flavour, Mixed Berries. At 100g each, they were the perfect portion to have as a snack or as dessert after a meal. They came in four individually portioned cups with an easy peel-off wrapper. The first thing I noticed was how good the yogourt smelled. The berries hinted at a delicate sweetness. Tasting it proved that the sweetness was not overwhelming and that the berries really paired well with the creaminess of the yogourt. I was, however surprised that the sugar content was a bit high, so they should work on lowering that if possible. The consistency was thick and smooth, not lumpy, like some other greek yogourts I’ve tried. You do get a bite from the grains they include, in particular, quinoa, chia seeds and buckwheat. These added interesting texture and it made me feel like I was really providing my body with wholesome, good food. I did, however, find it to have a tangy aftertaste which I could have done without. I would still recommend this product for anyone looking for a unique greek yogourt to have as a snack. I also really liked the shape and color of the packaging. It fits perfectly in your hand and the blue color is certainly made to stand out on the supermarket shelf, which makes it easy to find!

  5. I and my kids were so excited to try it out! Among three of us, we had a little varied opinion on OIKOS SuperGrains Greek Yogurt.

    – Taste and texture
    The taste was sweeter Greek yogurt with fruit sauce. It’s not as thick or creamy like some other Greek yogurt, but compared to regular yogurt it’s thicker and more creamy. It was smooth until I put the sauce part into my mouth. I think it was buckwheat that gave me “hmmm?” feeling while I was eating. You can notice chia seeds and quinoa too, but sizewise buckwheat was a lot more noticeable, but not crunchy or anything. I would have liked better if buckwheat is made into something crunchy or only chia seeds and quinoa are used for in this smooth yogurt. My 7 year old was not a big fan of buckwheat texture that much either.

    – Woud I buy?
    I don’t think I buy this… If I’m looking for something sweet for dessert it might be good. Also between the kids, one liked but the other one didn’t like.

    -Would I recommend to other people?
    Yes, especially as a snack on the go or busy morning. I cannot be sure, but thanks to the grains, it will be more filling than regular yogurt. (I find it more filling when I add chia seeds to oatmeal or to yogurt.)

    -Overall thoughts as for healthy eating
    It will be a good replacement for healthier snack. It contains protein, but it’s not much higher than other greek yogurt. Quinoa, chia seeds, and buckwheat are great extra for nutritional value, however, I don’t think there are that much in a package to make a huge nutritional difference.

    -Star rating
    Among my family members, it was 4 out of 5, and personally, it’s 3 out of 5.

  6. I received a sample of the Mixed Berries + Grains new Oikos SuperGrains Greek yogurt.
    I am a daily Greek yogurt eater – so I was happy to try the sample!

    The yogurt was quite sweet compared to my usual yogurt (plain Greek yogurt with added fruit) – but I enjoyed the mixed berry flavour. I enjoy a bit of texture with yogurt (i.e. adding granola or seeds) – but if you are used to a smooth yogurt this is quite a change! I did enjoy the addition of the chia seed/buckwheat combination.

    I probably wouldn’t buy it – not that I didn’t enjoy it, I just prefer being able to control the amount of added sugar with using plain yogurt. As far as recommending it to clients – I would probably still suggest using a plain yogurt and adding your own fruit and grains.

    Overall my thoughts on the product from the healthy eating standpoint would be that ALL foods can fit in to a healthy eating plan – I like the benefit of the added protein in the Greek yogurt and a bit of added fibre from the seed/grain mixture, however I would still suggest using a plain yogurt and adding your own fruit/seeds!

    I would rate the product 3/5 – I enjoyed the flavour, but probably wouldn’t buy it or recommend it to many clients.

  7. I enjoyed the smooth but slightly grainy texture of the product. It was definitely sweeter than most yogurts I normally purchase (I typically eat plain Greek yogurt and add some fresh/frozen fruits + nuts/seeds to it).

    I still prefer to buy plain Greek yogurt and add my own fruits & nuts for a burst of flavor and crunch. But when I feel like having some treats or a more sensible dessert, this product can be a an option! Although the product has added sugars, due to the small serving size, the sugar content is still in the “single digit” range (9 grams per single-serving container) which is not terrible if you only consume it occasionally. If I were to recommend this product to others, I would promote it as a treat or a “sometimes only” product. I would promote this product more if it has less sugar, and even better if the ingredient list is printed on the label so people can make a more informed decision.

    Overall, I give this product 4 out of 5 stars.

  8. Please answer the following questions as part of your review:
    What does the product taste like? What is the texture like?

    I really liked the taste (not too sweet, which is something I don’t like) and texture – perfect with the buckwheat – I thought it may have been too hard or large particles but it wasn’t so I was pleasantly surprised.
    Would you buy it?
    not sure, I usually purchase plain yogurt and add my own fruit and grains – this one is a maybe?
    Would you recommend it to people?
    maybe, the added grains don’t add significant fibre and there is a fair amount of sugar, but for people that want it all in one – then I would rec. it.
    What are your overall thoughts about the product from a healthy eating standpoint?

    as above a fair amount of sugar, I usually buy plain, but overall the taste is very good and the fact it’s all mixed in is a good selling point.
    How would you rate this product overall (out of 5 stars)?

    I would give it 3.5 stars



  9. What does the product taste like? What is the texture like?
    This Oikos yogurt is super thick and yummy. The taste is not too sweet, and the texture is not as smooth as yogurts without grains. In one way I found this yogurt a little dry if that makes sense to say about a yogurt.

    Would you buy it?
    YES, it’s convenient size for carrying for lunch at work or school! I love that this yogurt has both dairy and fibre, it’s double the goodness for one’s overall health. With hat being said the amount of fibre in this yogurt is not huge…but as most Canadians typically do not eat enough fibre in a day, every little bit counts.

    Would you recommend it to people?
    Yes, it’s a yummy convenient snack!

    What are your overall thoughts about the product from a healthy eating standpoint?
    It’s a decent product. It does contain sugar but not as much as some of the yogurts targeted at kids, so I would feel comfortable feeding my little one with it as well. I found it more filling than a regular yogurt so if you are worried about portion control, this one will help you staying on track!

    How would you rate this product overall (out of 5 stars)?
    I am giving 4 out of 5

    Disclaimer: I have received sample product for free to test and evaluate. Positive review was not required nor guaranteed.

  10. The OIKOS SuperGrains Greek yogurt had a nice, smooth texture that you would expect from Greek yogurt. I typically add a lot of fruit and seeds to my yogurt so I enjoyed the texture of the buckwheat, quinoa and chia seeds. If you’re someone who isn’t used to these in your yogurt, it may feel funny in your mouth. I found the yogurt was a bit on the sweet side as I’m used to having plain Greek yogurt, however, mixing in a dollop of plain Greek yogurt helped to cut the sweet. For the cost, I don’t think I would regularly buy this product as I much prefer to buy larger tubs of yogurt and make my own parfaits with fruits, nuts and seeds. However, I think these are a great convenience item that can easily be thrown into a lunch bag when short on time in the morning. It is also a much healthier and balanced snack option when compared to a donut, cookies or other baked goods. I would recommend this product as a “back-up” option to have on hand in the fridge for those busy days, but I would encourage people to build their own yogurt parfaits using plain yogurt, fruits, nuts and seeds in order to limit the added sugar and to be more cost-effective.

  11. Thanks for the samples of OIKOS SuperGrains Greek yogurt! This yogurt tastes like sweet yogurt, the texture is thick as greek yogurt should be and the addition of “super grains” makes the yogurt grainy. I’m used to consuming plain kefir and plain yogurt so I found the fruit on the bottom of the container too sweet and the OIKOS yogurt left my mouth a coat of dryness, possibly it was the preservatives such as cornstarch or locust bean gum.
    I personally wouldn’t buy this yogurt, I prefer if the “super grains” retained a crunchy texture as I like the contrast of soft, smooth yogurt with something for my teeth to crunch through. On the plus side, this product is fairly healthy from a nutritional standpoint. Each serving of OKIOS SuperGrains provides 90 calories and 8g protein which I would recommend to people looking for a healthy snack choice or who want to eat a healthy breakfast. However the addition of super grains can be misleading as it may make people believe they’re eating a healthier yogurt. The super grains adds only an extra 1g of fibre compared to the other OIKOS yogurts, which is not a significant increase. If people are looking to add extra fibre or nutrition to this yogurt, I’d suggest adding fresh fruit. Overall, this product was pretty good from a healthy eating perspective, I give it 4/5 stars!

  12. This is about a 3.5 product for me. The taste is really delicious (but sweet) and I enjoy that it has seeds already in it. However, I felt the consistency of the seeds were softer and almost mushier than if you add it in right before you eat. Therefore, the texture was a bit off for me. I love crunchy nuts, hemp hearts, seeds and coconut in my yogurt but I thought the added seeds didn’t give me that crunch. But, it’s convenient for people who don’t want to add the seeds/nuts themselves.

    I wouldn’t buy this because it’s sweeter than normal. I normally buy plain Greek yogurt and add in honey, seeds, fruits, etc.

    I might recommended it to people who already enjoy sweet yogurt. Because it’s Greek, it has more protein, plus it has the added seeds. If someone is used to sweeter yogurt, I would probably suggest they check this one out if they can’t be weaned off of sweetened yogurt.

    For healthy eating, it can be a healthy choice to fit in, but I think the sugar is too high and if I remember there was a bit higher saturated fat. So, I wouldn’t actively say this is a good go-to yogurt.

    It’s a 3.5 for me, the taste was good and creamy, but the seeds lost consistency and it was very sweet.

  13. It was great having the opportunity to try this product. I really liked the fact that they are sold in a four pack and the price is reasonable. The grains and flavour are at the bottom of the container so it makes it a little tricky to mix everything together within that small container so you have to be careful.

    I liked the thickness of the yogurt and the taste. I didn’t find it too sweet. I like the fact that the grains in the yogurt weren’t gummy or taste stale and feel like this is better than some other yogurts I have tried that have grains added. But it’s still not the same as having the grains added right before eating (so they don’t get soggy). I’m not sure if there would be a way to change the packaging so that the grains could be packaged separately and then added right before eating.

    I think this is a great product for people who want a healthy snack option or something quick for breakfast. I would recommend it as a yogurt that has texture for people who are looking for that sort of thing but I still think that added grains separately would offer a better overall experience.

  14. I recently received a sample of the Oikos SuperGrains Greek yogurt in Mixed Berries + Grains flavour and I was so excited to try it out! This product comes in a 4x100g pack which makes it a great on-the-go snack.

    This product tasted similar to other fruit flavoured Greek yogurts that I have tried. As with other Greek yogurts, this product is thick and creamy. It is quite sweet though and a bit overpowering. I was slightly disappointed with the added grains in the product as they didn’t give me a satisfying crunch as I had hoped.

    I personally wouldn’t buy this product as I typically prefer having plain Greek yogurt and adding fruits and crunchy nuts + seeds.

    I would consider recommending this product to people as it is a high protein snack with 8g of protein and only 90 Calories per yogurt cup. However, I am not sure whether the “added grains” component of this product is worth the additional cost as there isn’t much in the product to make a significant difference nutritionally.

    Overall, I think this product can be included as part of a healthy balanced diet. Although the sugar content is a bit high (9g per 100g yogurt), this product is made from relatively natural ingredients and would make a better snack option than a cookie or other baked goods. As dietitians, we often recommend the healthiest snack options for our clients (plain Greek yogurt with fruits and nuts+seeds). However, it is also important to understand that some people may not be ready to part with flavoured yogurt so I think this product could be a good option!

    I would give this product a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

  15. The Mixed Berry OIKOS SuperGrains Greek Yogurt comes in a convenient 4 pack, perfect for on the go snacking. I found the berry flavour nice, but wasn’t sold on the grains being already mixed into the yogurt – I found their texture to be a bit odd. Not quite soggy, but also not crunchy. My yogurt also seemed to have separated weirdly. It’s not a product I would buy personally, as I find single serve yogurts to be expensive and wasteful when it comes to packaging. I also generally prefer plain yogurt so I can add whatever flavours/ fruits/grains myself. But I think that they can definitely be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet if they are something you enjoy 🙂

  16. I wasn’t really crazy about this product – as another reviewer commented I found the texture to be a little odd. I found the taste similar to other flavoured yogurts (on the sweet side if that is a problem for anyone). I buy both single serving yogurt cups and tubs of yogurt, and single serving cups are definitely an advantage when I’m in a rush, but I’d probably continue to buy other varieties and mix in my own preferred toppings when they’re fresh and haven’t had a chance to get too soft.

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