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hemp hearts

Hemp hearts have received a lot of attention over the years as a plant based source of protein, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

What is hemp?
Hemp is actually a plant. It’s used to make clothing, textiles and food. It is not marijuana which comes from a different variant known for its psychoactive properties.

Hemp seeds are harvested to make hemp oil, hemp protein powder, hemp flour and hemp milk. Hemp hearts are hemp seeds with the shells removed.

Hemp hearts contain protein, omega fatty acids and fibre. People describe them as having a nutty, grassy flavour with a creamy texture similar to pine nuts. You can sprinkle them on top of yogurt, cereal, salads or eat them as is.

Hemp hearts  contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and more protein (10 grams per 3 tablespoon serving) than flax seeds or chia seeds. They also don’t need to be ground up prior to eating. Be careful though as they can go rancid due to their high fatty acid content. Be sure to use them up before the best before date and store them in the fridge after opening.

Hemp hearts can be found in health food stores and some grocery stores. A 227 gram bag retails for around $8.99.

I received samples of hemp hearts from Manitoba Harvest to send out to members of my product review club. Fifty lucky recipients had the chance to try the product for free. Check out what they thought in the comments below.

Have you tried Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts? What did you think of them?

26 thoughts on “Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts

  1. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

    I use this product in my smoothies, on top of my salads and yogurts (and much more). I find this product tastes great! I found that it had a very nutty flavour without being super oily. The texture is very soft and delicate. It’s very convenient, versatile and easy to use because if desired, you can just sprinkle them on top of your food (e.g. salads, cereals, yogurt, etc.)

    From a healthy eating standpoint, I truly believe they have a lot to offer. For 3 tbsp of it, you get only 3g of carbs (which is almost entirely Fiber), 10g of protein and 10g of omega-3 and omega-6.

    It wasn’t my first time using this product in recipes and also not the last. I give this product a well deserved rating of 5 on 5.

    Laurence Brouard
    Twitter: @LaurenceBrouard

    1. I sprinkled Manitoba Hemp Hearts on top of my oatmeal. It added a nutty crunch; a nice texture and taste differentiation from the oatmeal. A good choice nutritionally- a good source of fibre and protein. A bit high in fat, but the fats are healthy fats. I would recommend this product and will use it again myself!

  2. I used the product in my yogourt as a snack.

    It has a distinct nutty flavor that adds a good crunch to my yogourt. I have used this product many times and will continue to use it. It is very nutritionally sound. Even more bang for your buck compared to other seeds. 1/4 cup is a full serving of a meat and alternative. I would rate it 4.5/ 5
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  3. To me, it tasted like blanched almonds with nutty flavour. So I used them as I use almonds, like on the salad, on top of the bread, etc.

    Nutritionally, it sounds great! Even from the comparison with other healthier seed products, higher in protein, Omega 3 & 6, and lower in carb. Also unlike flax seeds, it doesn’t have to be ground to release the beneficial ingredients.

    I would use it again for sure. But if I didn’t have this opportunity, I wouldn’t have even tried it. I didn’t know what exactly “hemp” was until I looked it up the closest translation on the Internet. (I’m not native in English.) I had read that it’s not a drug on this page, but the translation was something I didn’t feel comfortable eating.

    Aside from this confusion, I rate this product 5 stars as it’s very nutritious and easy to use.

  4. I loved this product! Not only that, but my 6 year old daughter grabbed them and ate the entire second envelope herself. Score! We both ate the hemp hearts right out of the packages. They were perfect. Full of protein and omega 3s, hemp hearts taste like sunflower seeds – nutty, a bit rich, and soft in texture. If I had the second envelope to use, I would have put them into Greek yogurt. Looks like I will be buying more of these ASAP – I am so happy I got the chance to try them!

  5. This is a great product for someone like me looking for more protein alternatives. It tastes like sunflower seeds, but are small and soft in texture. However, when placed in flavoured yogurt, I can barely tell it is there. It’s a great way to trick picky eaters into eating healthier food. I have used this before but have never tried it on it’s own until now. Although it has a slight nutty flavour, it is easily disguised on peanut butter/toast if you don’t like the taste. Personally, I like it on it’s own or thrown on my salad. It’s so much easier than cooking meat! Love it!

    1. I’ve seen friends put this in a spice jar for sprinkling on salads, and thought it was interesting, so I was quite excited to try it. I shared the hemp hearts with a colleague, and put it in the a berry yogurt. It turned out bit like muesli, adding texture, but didn’t change the flavour, which was good, knowing that you’re getting healthy fats in your food, without changing the taste! I’d definitely try this again, and had the same idea as mywong above – adding it to almond or peanut butter for even crunchier peanut butter!

      Overall, I’d give this product 4 stars out of 5! My one question is whether the fats denature with heat, since it recommends it to be sprinkled on salad, cereal, and yogurt (foods that don’t get heated). If the health benefits remain when the hemp hearts are cooked, then this definitely gets 5 out of 5 stars!

  6. I have heard so much about hemp hearts over the years and I am so glad that I finally had the opportunity to try them! They taste similar to sunflower seeds except I find them to be creamier. I used them in my oatmeal, in yogurt and on salad. I basically used them the same way as I would other nuts and seeds. Because of the creamy texture, I figured they would lend well in pesto as well. I often use walnuts instead of pine nuts because they are so expensive and felt that the hemp hearts worked just as well! I’m glad that I had a chance to try them because I learned that I can use them a variety of ways and the fact that they are high in omega 3’s, omega 6’s and protein is a nice bonus.

  7. Thank you for sending me the Hemp Hearts!

    I used the sample product in my oatmeal to replace my usual serving of either walnuts or almonds. I really enjoyed the nutty taste, and I feel that hemp hearts make a good alternative to nuts. I liked the unique velvet texture of the hemp hearts I shall definitely use hemp hearts again.

    My overall thoughts on hemp hearts as a healthy product are pretty good. My main concern is that 170 calories for 3 Tbsp. seems high, but compared to other trendy super foods like ground flax (150 calories/ 3 Tbsp.), and chia (210 calories/3 Tbsp.), it seems about the same. I really like that the product packs 10 grams of protein in 3 tbsp.

    I am always cautious of my consumption of nutrient dense foods, and if not measured carefully, hemp hearts (just like other nuts and seeds), may add up in calories really fast if just dumped on top of a salad, or in my case, oatmeal. I would recommend using hemp hearts sparingly in that you measure out a serving (just like butter or any other oil/fat).

    Personally I am not a big fan of some of the marketing the company sent out. It kind of seems like they are pushing the product as a life transforming food product. It seemed a little over the top for me.

    I do plan on purchasing more hemp hearts and using them in my baking. I plan to add them to my granola bars, multigrain bread, and crackers. I also will be sending them with my 3 year old to day care, as she ate the entire second sample bag and wanted more. That was surprising.

    I would rate this product 5 out of 5.

    See pictures on my blog:

    Susan Watson
    Twitter: @LittleNutrition

  8. I loved the hemp hearts! I sprinkled these nutty soft textured seeds into plain Greek yogurt and thoroughly enjoyed the taste. The high protein and omega 3 content makes these seeds a great protein alternative and they are easy to snack on by themselves. I will definitely continue to use them and I give them a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Thanks for the opportunity to try these delicious seeds.

  9. I eat and use Manitoba Hemp Hearts on a regular basis. I put them mostly in yogurt and cereals. I’ve used them as an ingredient in cookies. I’ve have had them as part of a savoury crust for fish, like salmon.

    I think they are more about the texture and nutritional component than the taste. They don’t taste much like anything. I think they are closer in flavour to sunflower seeds. But, they are very small so you need to eat at least a tablespoon to get any flavour.

    I am watching my calorie intake and with any seeds, I want to watch consumption of even the healthful fats. My goal is to lose some weight. I need to keep to my daily allowance of all fats including sources like avocado, nuts and seeds, as we all do. I advise my clients to measure their fats and seeds for the day, hemp hearts included.

    I love all nuts and seeds. It is for this reason I recommend this product to my clients and give a 5 star rating. Hemp seeds are a pleasant way to attain our Omega-3’s.

  10. I have never used hemp hearts before, and like everyone else, I was so surprised by the nutty flavour. I really enjoyed them, I put them in yogurt and then in a salad I made it added an unusual yet delicious flavour to my food. The high protein and omega 3 really are a selling feature for me. These surprised me in terms of taste and I would definitely use them again!

  11. I have been buying hemp hearts for a couple of years now for my daughters to use in smoothies.
    They requested the hemp hearts to add some protein to their drinks and they find it adds a good flavour.

    I myself had never really tried hemp hearts until I received the samples.

    I like them best by themselves.
    They have a light nutty flavour and texture wise, are a soft “nut meat”.
    They are not hard or crunchy- which to me is a good thing.
    I could easily eat the small sample bag (which is considered a half portion) as a snack.
    The suggested portion is 30g but I found the 15g portion perfect

    In a salad- fine for adding protein but I much prefer my usual pumpkin seeds or walnuts for flavour.
    In the crisp of an apple crisp- the hemp seed flavour is totally hidden and I don’t think I would do it again.
    In oatmeal- this added a nice light flavour and is a way of adding some protein.
    Adding it to a homemade granola- I did this after the granola was cooked, right before eating and again the hemp seed flavour was over powered by the other ingredients and I don’t think I would do it again.
    Sprinkled on freshly picked blue berries- delicious.

    My plan is to bring a small portion for an afternoon snack to add to berries or to stir into a yogurt.

  12. Manitoba Hemp Hearts are one of my favourite Canadian superfoods! I can’t compare them with other brands of hemp seeds as I have only used this brand, but I figure why mess with a good thing! This was not my first time using this product as I have been using it regularly for close to 2 years. I use hemp seeds as a topping for yogurt, in smoothies and in home-made protein bars. The seeds have a nutty earthy taste which I find very satisfying. They are high in protein, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids while still being low-carb. I would advise however to watch your portions as they are high in fat and it is easy to eat more than you realize which could be an issue if you are trying to lose or maintain weight.
    I plan to continue using this product and would like to try them in more savoury dishes. I give Manitoba Hemp Seeds 5 stars!

  13. I used hemp hearts in my morning smoothie and added them to my yogurt. I enjoy the delicate nutty and creamy flavour. I like that every serving (3 tablespoons) provides 10g protein and 3g of fibre, although it’s high in fat at 10g, they are still considered healthy fats. They make a good alternative to nuts and other seeds. I’d use them again for sure and I’m curious as to how hemp powder would taste as an alternative to whey protein. Thanks for letting me sample these yummy hemp seeds!

  14. This was not my first time using hemp hearts but I used to always think of them as “just another seed or added source of fiber” until I got my free Manitoba Harvest samples. They are actually much more then that! Unlike chia seeds or flax, you can eat them right out of the package. On their own, they have a delicious mild sunflower seed taste and the texture is soft and nutty. I sprinkled them on a salad and they really reminded me of sesame seeds (with bonus nutrition!!)- now I want to try them lightly toasted in a asian style coleslaw! I also used them one morning in my breakfast yogurt instead of chia and loved that I could just dig in (didn’t need to wait for the seeds to “soak in” like chia) and the taste was great. I also felt fuller after my meal- maybe because of the high protein and fat content compared to other fiber sources. Finally, I also want to say that I love how the are grown and manufactured in Canada unlike other products we consume. I would rate this product a 5/5 because of their nutritional value, taste, versatility, convenience and origin! I would also like to mention what a great job Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods is doing in branding and marketing their products- I love the colored packaging and the logo!

  15. I’ve had Manitoba Hemp Hearts a couple of years ago and forgot how tasty they were … especially the nice subtle nutty flavour! The texture was soft and kind of creamy too.

    This time, I’ve sprinkled them in yogurt, breakfast cereals and ice cream … it was delicious!

    Their great nutrition profile is the reason why I’ve been recommending it to my clients, especially in the last year.

    Thank you Manitoba Hemp Hearts! I will be a regular Hemp Heart user from now on and will keep on recommending it to my clients.

  16. Hemp seeds – something this west coaster is definitely familiar with! For eating of course 🙂

    I like these Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds for their mild, nutty flavour, and ease of use in so many dishes. They make a great addition to baked goods – I often add them to muffins or cookies. My boyfriend loves adding them to smoothies, as he finds they make the smoothies more filling. They are good as a yogurt or oatmeal topper. And my favourite way to use them is in a chia seed/hemp seed/cashew/oat muesli blend, paired with nut milk and whatever fruits are in season.

    Hemp seeds add a great kick of protein and omega-3 fatty acids to your foods, great for vegans and people following a gluten free diet. Because they are mild, you can easily hide their taste for picky eaters. Not to mention we grown them in Canada – it’s great to support our local agriculture!

    Overall, I love hemp seeds, and they are a staple in my kitchen. Manitoba Harvest is my go-to hemp seed brand. And PS – Costco even carries them in affordable large bags.

  17. Thanks for sending Hemp Hearts.As others commented it does have a nutty flavor and source of protein. I have added it on my regular peanut butter on toast about 1 tbsp and it kept me full until lunch. Tried it on cereal as well.
    It will enhance protein and energy to those client on high energy high protein with small appetite.
    It will be an added choice for my clients who need satiety,easy to use in a variety of ways.
    Good to know Costco carries it.

  18. Before today, I had only tried hemp hearts blended into smoothies and sprinkled on salads or yogurt. They do have a light nutty flavour when tasted on their own, and I don’t even taste them in my smoothies. The reason I have been including them in my diet was solely for the great protein and healthy fat content.

    So I decided to try hemp hearts in an “out-of-the-box” way for dinner tonight. I had browsed some of the recipes suggested by Manitoba Harvest and saw that hemp hearts can be used as a “breading” on fish. Typically, I use breadcrumbs, parmesan, pepper and parsley. I swapped out 2/3 of the breadcrumbs for hemp hearts instead. What resulted was a delicious salmon fillet with a bit more crunch and texture than usual! It reminded me of pistachio encrusted fish but only it was better! The nutty flavour is definitely enhanced when the hemp hearts are baked.

    Will I cook with hemp hearts again? Definitely!

    These healthy, little hearts should NOT be limited to just sprinkling onto foods. They’ve got great potential in a variety of recipes.

    My next experiment? Healthy breakfast muffins!

  19. I am not a big fan of the taste of hemp hearts just on their own -maybe it’s the oil taste. however I added my hemp hearts to scones and banana muffins. In the baked recipes I loved the hemp hearts, they add texture and flavour as well as beneficial nutrients. Would recommend then cooked. I especially liked them in my scone recipe with the oatmeal, they blended very well with it.

  20. This product was great. I usually use flax seeds in my smoothies to add some omega-3 fat. The hemp seeds were a great way to add omega-3 fats and protein to my morning smoothies. I did not taste them at all and I stayed full during the morning.

    I will definitely use this product again.

  21. These hemp hearts were so easy to use, so I was able to try them in a few different ways. They were great on top of yogurt and berries, because then I could really taste them. I tried them with my PB toast for breakfast, but the taste of the hemp got lost in the PB. I also sprinkled them on my rice (nice addition but again, couldn’t taste them too much), and added them to a piece of salmon before pan frying it. I guess because salmon (like PB) is strong in flavour, I couldn’t taste them, but it sure looked pretty and of course, boosted the nutrition of my meal – the best part. Would definitely use them again. You can sprinkle them on pretty much anything! Thanks for the samples!

  22. I love omega-rich seeds such as these hemp hearts and eat it on a regular basis. One tip I have for my clients is to combine a mason jar with the three top omega-3 rich seeds: hemp + chia + flax; and throughout the day adding a tsp or two to their porridge, yogurt, smoothie, baked goods, salads, soups, rice, etc. Hemp hearts in particular are much higher in protein compared to chia and flax and have a delicious nutty aroma. I’m not a huge fan of blending it into smoothie or soups because I find the “hempy” taste a little too overpowering. Rather, my 3 favourite ways to of eat hemp hearts is:

    1. Sprinkling some on top of my peanut butter/almond butter toast
    2. Tossing it with ALL different kinds of salads such as kale salad, bean salads or quinoa salads!
    3. Coating my homemade protein truffles

    Pictures of these recipe ideas can be seen on twitter: @AmandaLiRD

  23. Sorry for submitting this late review! Better late than never…or so they say!

    I tried the hemp hearts mainly in yogurts and salads. The taste was very light, almost unnoticeable. Personally when I add something in my recipes, I would like it to be perceptible, especially at this price! The fluffiness of the product also makes us forget that it can also be quite caloric which can be an issue for people trying to maintain a healthy weight.

    It was interesting to taste the product but personally this is not something that I would buy. I found it expensive and I think there are other options with regard to omega-rich foods. Since I’m working with populations with low income, I am very aware of food prices.

    I did appreciate, though, that it’s a Canadian product. So for that I do hope that it becomes successful.

    2 out 5 stars

  24. Thanks for sending me hemp hearts seeds.

    It was my first time with Hemp seed. I use it on top of my yoghurt for breakfast and on salads.
    I also like them like this as a snack. Those are soft, easy to chew with a light Nutty- Pepper flavour.
    I like to buy local product. But In Québec, Hemps product or really difficult to find and really expensive.

    Since I’m a dietitian, I also looked at the nutritional value of it.

    1) I don’t like that the nutrition fact behind the 15g bag is for 30 g (2 bags).
    10 g of protein is good for a snack, but one bag contains only 5g of protein and only 1,5 g of fibers. When you buy something, you expect that the nutrition fact is for the amount you will get in this bag…

    2) Yes, hemp seeps contain omega-3 as the canola oil or flax, chia seeds (which is cheaper than hemp) … ALA (omega-3 from plants-seeds) is easy to get in a balanced diet.

    I also appreciate that it’s a canadian product and if it becomes more accessible here in qc, I may recommend it as I recommend chia or flax seeds.

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