Peanut butter versus sunflower butter: Can you tell the difference?

This was one of the first taste tests I did in the office. I received a couple packages of sunflower butter (SunButter) from a conference that I went to. I brought them back and had a peanut butter versus sunflower butter taste test.

I took both the sunflower butter and the peanut butter and spread them on bread to see if people could tell the difference and which one they preferred.

The results: 
Of the people who participated in the taste test, most people could tell which one was sunflower butter although they did taste quite similar. It looked slightly darker in color than the creamy peanut butter that they were tasting it against. The sunflower butter also had a distinct aftertaste where you could really taste the sunflower flavour.

Some interesting points:
We decided not to test this product against other nut butters such as almond butter as that has a very distinct flavour. We also think that the taste differences would have been more pronounced if we had tested it against a natural peanut butter where the flavour of peanuts is more pronounced.

From a texture perspective, both products were comparable. I actually didn’t mind this product. It would be a good substitute for peanut butter for people who have peanut allergies. The nutrition information is also quite interesting in that they both have the same number of calories per serving but the sunflower butter is a lot higher in fibre.

The bottom line:
For something that tastes quite similar, but with the extra health benefit of having more fibre, it me be worth switching nut butters for. This would also be a good alternative for people who have peanut allergies.

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